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Basement Finishing

Let Kirkland Contracting LLC. turn your unfinished basement into a soothing getaway. We will provide you with a finished basement the family and friends will enjoy.

Services Kirkland Contracting LLC. provided to finish the basements:

Framing:                     Electrical:

Drywall:                     Hardwood Floors:

Lighting:                    Ceramic Tile:

Baseboards:               Doors:

Windows:                  Painting: 

A finished basement will become your relaxing getaway. Home improvements that will give you the finished basement you desire will involve the following steps. Finish carpentry witch includes the wall framing. Then you have the drywall installation and finishing. Next you have the hardwood floors to give the finished basement a elegant touch.

This furnished finished basement has a casual feel. The basement walls and ceiling are completed with wood and stone panels. Our flooring is a multi size pieced ceramic tile. The lighting fixtures in the ceiling are recessed with lighted sconces on the walls.

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